STD/STI Testing

Your health is of primary important no matter what. Getting tested soon instead of later is the smartest thing to do for your health and for the community. If you have an STD or you don’t it is best to get tested since many STDs are without symptoms. It is said that one in four Americans will eventually have an STD/STI. STD Test Express has sites all over the United States. The test are confidential, convenient and rapidly conducted. STD Test express is a network of doctors, nurses and qualified counselors specializing in providing superior online care.

You primarily have two options when getting tested with STD Test Express. One, having an 8 panel test that tests for the most commonly contracted infections. These are chlamydia, hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes I, HIV, hepatitis B and Herpes II. Another test option is to get tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. There are a total of 2.8 million infections per year with chlamydia spreading quite easily. I have contracted Chlamydia in the past but got it taken care of. The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic and I was feeling better in a matter of days.

Gonorrhea occurs at a rate of 700,000 new infections per year. These infections are more common than you think and you shouldn’t think you were just unlucky. It happens but you should be worried if you don’t get tested right away. In addition, individual tests for specific STDs/STIs are available from STD Test Express. As a healthcare provider, I highly recommend using STD Test Express by clicking my banner ads and following through. On their website (after you click through one of my ads) STD Test Express has a questionnaire that will help you decide which test is most appropriate for your condition.  If you do test positive, you get to speak to a doctor that can help you get a prescription that will heal/treat your condition.

If you have any specific questions regarding STDs/STIs please fill out my question/response form and I’ll get back to you promptly. To your health.