HIV-2 not HIV-1

HIV-2 is the second type of HIV that was discovered shortly after the first in 1986. It was believed to been in Africa much earlier than that. It is found predominately in West Africa. HIV-2 like one transfers via blood, semen, tears and vaginal fluids. HIV-2 as well as HIV-1 will develop into AIDs; however, HIV-2 develops immunodeficiency at a slower rate and is milder than HIV-1. Compared to HIV-1 those with strain 2 are less infectious at the earlier stages of the disease. As viral progression occurs, the infectious nature of HIV-2 become more prevalent. There are very few reports of HIV-2 in the United States. Reported cases are mostly in Western Africa. HIV-2 isn’t treated the same way as HIV-1. For example, some drugs that are effective against strain 1 are not effective against strain 2. Currently, a treatment that is most effective for HIV-2 is undetermined. Donated blood samples are tested for both HIV-1 and HIV-2.

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