FAQ – Teen talk and True or False

Know the Facts.. True or False


Everyone’s doing it. FALSE. Everyone’s not “doing it.” Four out of five teens under age 16 have never had sex.

Most teens who get pregnant or get someone pregnant want to be parents. FALSE… 82 percent of all teen pregnancies are unintended.

A girl can get pregnant of it’s her first time having sex. TRUE. If she has sex, she can become pregnant even if she has never had a period. It is important to know that the menstrual cycle begins before the menstrual period. Girls can ovulate (release an egg) and become pregnant before seeing their first period.

Pulling out is a very good way to keep from getting a girl pregnant. FALSE.  Some semen leaks before ejaculation. You can get a girl pregnant even if you withdraw (pull out). And it’s difficult to withdraw just before ejaculating (sometimes called “cumming.”)

Contraception is the girl’s responsibility. FALSE. Contraception is both partners’ responsibility. Every baby has a father and a mother, and both males and females can get STDS, including HIV/AIDS.

If you use contraception, you can still get pregnant or get a girl pregnant. TRUE. Nothing is 100% sure except abstinence, not having sex (vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse).

All contraceptive methods protect against STDs, including HIV/AIDS. FALSE. Most contraceptive methods do not protect against STDs/STIs, including HIV/AIDS. But latex condoms may provide some protection. Without a latex condom, STDs can be passed from person to person during vaginal, oral, or anal sex. While some STDs are curable, others are not. Even when another form of contraception is used, it is important to also use a latex condom to provide as much protection as possible. Abstinence is the only 100% sure way to protect against risk of STDs/STIs, including HIV/AIDs. Faithful married couples are at very low risk for STDs/STI.

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